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Are you running a small business, overworked, and never have enough hours in the day?

Are you bogged down with mundane or routine tasks that you hate doing?

Are you looking to grow your business?

Do you need to keep your overheads low?

Do you need part time or short term help?

Do you want to improve your work life balance?

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

You can have more time to focus on growing your business in the long-term. It’s easy to think you can do it all yourself when you’re running a business. Hiring a virtual assistant can not only help grow your business but save time and money.

What can a virtual assistant do for you?

Keep You On Schedule:

In a day you may have numerous meetings and phone calls from all over the world. Book meetings, travel & transport arrangements. You may need help with diary & email management, data entry, follow up sales calls or updating the CRM. The list can be endless.


Delegation is a relief for a small business, sometimes it’s difficult to let go. When you start out you have total control. With a virtual assistant you can build trust and gain peace of mind to delegate meaningful tasks.


By investing in a virtual assistant you can focus on your own growth, revenue and brand recognition. How many hours a week are spent on admin and menial tasks? The money you would generate with that time would more than cover the cost of hiring a virtual assistant.

Balance Work & Personal Life:

One of the benefits of having a virtual assistant is the ability to balance your work/life balance. Often with the focus on growing your business your family life may suffer. A trusted virtual assistant can coordinate your work life balance.

By having someone with the same mindset as you, who you can trust to respond to clients and other key pieces of information like you.

This will make your day go so much smoother and enable you to keep you focus where it needs to be – on your business.