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How to find the right Admin Support service and free your time

“Work-Life Balance” is a hot topic at the moment. Companies are having to be more mindful of staff wellbeing, and presenteeism is no longer something to celebrate. The pandemic has helped a lot of big businesses to see that if you give your employees more flexible working practices not only does the work get done, but productivity can often increase.

But what about small business owners and the self-employed? Unfortunately, we often don’t have the luxury of being able to consider our well-being in these ways because – well, we are the business! Achieving a sensible work-life balance often seems like a pipedream, only able to be enjoyed by those who are in receipt of a corporate paycheque and have access to an HR department.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, the thing that gets in the way of your work-life balance isn’t doing your job. It’s all the things you have to do in addition that are unfortunately part and parcel of running a successful business.

Diary management. Invoicing and chasing payments. Planning meetings and events. Keeping track of expenses. Sorting travel and hotels. Organising mailshots and marketing activities.
Filtering emails. Dealing with subcontractors or suppliers. Keeping on top of insurance renewals and subscription services.

The list is seemingly endless!

How would your work-life balance improve if you no longer had to worry about the aspects of your business that don’t actually involve dealing directly with customers and clients? Would you be able to focus more on growing your business if you weren’t already struggling to keep up with the admin you already have?

A trusted administration support business or virtual PA service can be a really cost-effective way of giving you more of your time back, whether that’s to put back into developing your business or to let you see more of your family.

How to choose the right Admin Support or Virtual Assistant Service

  1. Understand your needs
    Do you just need someone to screen your calls and filter your emails, or do you need a complete admin support solution for all aspects of your business? Make sure the provider you choose has all the services and skills to be able to handle your requirements now and any future changes.
  2. How much flexibility do you need?If your admin support needs change on a weekly – or even daily – basis, choose a VA service that has the capacity and flexibility to offer ad hoc as well as long-term services.
  3. Set a realistic budget
    How much is an hour of your time worth if you’re in front of a client? How much would it mean to you to have more time to be able to do school pickups or have more family dinners? The more realistic you are with your budget for a virtual assistant, the higher the quality of service you will receive and in turn the more value you and your business will receive.
  4. Don’t swap an admin problem for a “management” problem
    Make sure that the VA or admin support service you engage is going to be able to hit the ground running. You don’t want to be spending time coaching people on your email system or having to explain your line of business. Ensure that your provider has experience supporting businesses like yours and their level of professionalism matches how you would deal with customers and clients